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Housing Acceleration Fund


The NSW Government is investing a record $73.2 billion in infrastructure over the next four years.  This will include roads, schools, hospitals and public transport which will help support new communities and provide homes closer to workplaces.

The NSW Government is backing record housing approvals with a $2.475 billion investment in the Housing Acceleration Fund (HAF) to deliver infrastructure.

HAF was established in 2012 with $875 million in funding from the NSW government to deliver critical enabling infrastructure that would stimulate and accelerate housing development in NSW. As part of the NSW government’s recently announced plan to improve housing affordability, HAF has received an additional $1.6 billion in funding from Restart NSW and the state capital program to continue to accelerate housing supply.

What has HAF already achieved?

By working with key government stakeholders, local councils and private industry, HAF has to date provided $528 million to 27 projects to accelerate 160,000 homes and 1200 hectares of employment land.

The fund has already created new opportunities for housing through the 16 key infrastructure projects already completed, including upgrades to Camden Valley Way, Richmond Road, and water supply projects in the Hunter, North Coast and Sydney.

Page last updated: 21/06/2017