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What is the Office of Strategic Lands?

The Office of Strategic Lands (OSL) functions as a long-term land bank and manager for the NSW Government and plays an important role in supporting strategic planning in the Sydney region, particularly for open space and land for public purposes. 


The OSL identifies and acquires land that is suitable for planning purposes. It then manages the land before it is transferred to other government agencies. This process is completed through the Sydney Region Development Fund.


The OSL works closely with local government to deliver land for major parks and public places and administers a number of annual funding programs for the enhancement of public open space.


Changes to the department's planning policies and strategies sometimes result in land within the OSL portfolio becoming surplus to its needs. Income generated from the development and disposal of these surplus lands is reinvested into the acquisition of land for government objectives to meet current community needs.

What projects is the Office of Strategic Lands been involved in?

Page last updated: 18/08/2017