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Third-party lobbyist and business contact protocols

The Department of Planning and Environment recognises the need for planning and development decisions to be made in an open and transparent manner.


In 2011, the Department introduced internal measures in response to the introduction of the Lobbying of Government Officials Act 2011. These measures are contained in two operating protocols: the Registered Lobbyist Contact Protocol and the Business Contact Protocol.


Registered Lobbyist Contact

The Registered Lobbyist Contact Protocol applies to parties who are required to be registered on the NSW Electoral Commission’s Register of Third-Party Lobbyists.


Registered (or third-party) lobbyists who wish to meet with a staff member of the Department must complete and submit the Registered Lobbyist Meeting Form at least seven (7) days in advance of the proposed meeting.


The Lobbyist Contact Register lists the contacts between our staff and Third-Party Lobbyists, and is kept in accordance with Planning and Environment Registered Lobbyist Contact Protocol which guides staff in these interactions.


All contact with registered lobbyists is recorded using a Registered Lobbyist Contact Form and is published on the Register.


Business contact

The Business Contact Protocol applies to parties who are not registered lobbyists.


Business Contact Forms are used to record contact between the Department and business contacts under this protocol.

Page last updated: 23/03/2018