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hunter project compliance inspection 

Compliance policies and guidelines 

The compliance team carries out a range of activities to make sure companies are meeting the strict conditions placed on their projects. This includes:

  • carrying out spot checks and unannounced visits to projects, including surveillance; 
  • carrying out audits; 
  • meetings with the community and industry to understand issues; and
  • investigating complaints.

If a company is found to have breached its conditions, our compliance officers take enforcement and other actions including:

  • prosecution for the most serious offences; 
  • issuing fines;
  • issuing official cautions; and
  • negotiating practical solutions

Our compliance policy and associated guidelines provide information about how we go about our work and help to guide the work of our compliance officers. 

Download Compliance Policy (PDF, 903KB)

Download the Compliance Policy

Download the Prosecution Guidelines (PDF, 175KB)

Download the Prosecution Guidelines

Download the Enforceable Undertakings Guidelines (PDF)

Download the guideline

View Compliance Reporting PAR and Factsheet

Compliance Reporting PAR

View Independent Audit PAR and Factsheet

Independent Audit PAR

You can also find a summary of the team’s past and present activities under Compliance Activity

compliance activity chart

Page last updated: 14/08/2018