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The Department has published a compliance policy and associated guidelines for breach management, prosecutions and penalty notices to assist authorised officers in exercising their powers in a fair, consistent and equitable manner. The documents also help the community and other stakeholders understand how the department goes about its work.

To make sure companies are adhering to the conditions placed on their projects, the compliance team:

  • conducts spot checks and unannounced visits to projects, including surveillance
  • conducts compliance audits
  • meets with the community and industry
  • investigates all complaints.

If a company is found to have breached its conditions, compliance officers take necessary enforcement action.

This includes:

  • prosecution for the most serious offences
  • issuing a fine
  • imposing orders
  • issuing warning letters
  • working with industry and the community to negotiate a good outcome.

You can find a summary of the team’s activity in the Compliance reports tab.

How much can companies be fined for a breach?

The maximum penalty that can be imposed by the Land and Environment Court has been increased to $5 million.


The penalty notice amount has also been increased five-fold to $15,000 – the highest on-the-spot fines in the nation. As part of this reform, the Department has doubled its number of compliance officers and established them in more areas of the state.

How can I report a breach?

Phone: 1300 305 695

Where are compliance teams located?

The Department has specialist compliance teams based in the Northern/North West, Metropolitan and Southern/South West regions of NSW. 

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Page last updated: 08/05/2017