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The Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the Stage 3: WestConnex M4 M5 Link, has been received by the Department of Planning and Environment.

The proposed project includes a new multi-lane road link connecting the M4 east project at Haberfield with the new M5 project at the St Peters interchange.

This would include:
  • twin multi-lane tunnels between Haberfield and St Peters
  • an interchange at Rozelle which includes tunnels, ramps and related infrastructure for a potential future Western Harbour Tunnel
  • a tunnel connection from the Rozelle Interchange to the Iron Cove Bridge
  • upgrades to the surrounding road network.

Frequently asked questions

WestConnex is a 33 kilometre tolled motorway linking Sydney’s west and south west with Sydney Airport and Port Botany via the St Peters interchange (under construction by the new M5 project). It is being delivered through a serious of projects in three stages over 10 years:

Stage 1: M4 widening (Parramatta to Homebush)
Stage 1: M4 east (Homebush to Haberfield)
Stage 2: new M5 (Beverly Hills to St Peters)
Stage 2: new M5 King Georges Road Interchange Upgrade
Stage 3: M4-M5 link (Haberfield to St Peters)

The M4-M5 link is the third stage of the project and will connect the M4 east at Haberfield to the new M5 in St Peters, and provide connections to the Iron Cove Bridge and Rozelle interchange. 

Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) is the proponent for this project. Sydney Motorway Corporation (SMC) is responsible for delivering the project and all stages of WestConnex. 

The Department of Planning and Environment will independently assess the application based on the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), community, council and agency submissions and RMS’ Response to Submissions report.

The exhibition of the Environmental Impact Statement for the WestConnex M4-M5 link is now closed.
  • Following the public exhibition of the Environmental Impact Statement, the Department will forward all submissions to RMS and require them to prepare a Response to Submissions (RtS) report. The RtS is required to address all concerns and issues raised by the community, councils or government agencies in their submissions. A Preferred Infrastructure Report (PIR) may be required if there are proposed changes to the project.
  • The Department will publish the RtS and all the submissions on our Major Projects website. If you requested your name and address be withheld, your published submission will not include your name or address but it will include any other personal information about you which you have chosen to include. If a PIR is prepared, this will also be made available on our Major Projects website
  • The Department will review all submissions received and thoroughly assess RMS’s RtS (and PIR if one is prepared). The Department will then prepare the Secretary’s Environmental Assessment Report. This includes a recommendation to the Minister for Planning about whether the project be approved or rejected. The Minister will then make a determination on the project.

To learn more about the WestConnex project in general, you can:

To find out more about the EIS for WestConnex M4 M5 Link, you can:

Page last updated: 17/10/2017