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 Frequently Asked Questions

In 2016 the Aboriginal Housing Company approached the Department with a proposal to modify the concept approval, together with a new State Significant Development (SSD) application for student accommodation in Precinct Three.


Together, these applications seek approval for additional student housing (154 to 596 beds) in a larger building (increasing from six to 24 storeys) located in Precinct Three.

As a requirement of our SSD assessment, the design of the proposed building in Precinct Three will be overseen by a Design Review Panel. 

More information about the Design Review Panel and process is available in Appendix 7 of the Applicant’s Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) on our major projects website. 

The Aboriginal Housing Company does not plan to change Precinct One or Two, and can build these components of the development in accordance with the existing concept and project approvals.


More information is available at the Pemulwuy Project website

The Aboriginal Housing Company has consulted with community groups, distributed flyers to nearby residences and businesses inviting the community to an information event, and distributed feedback forms. The Aboriginal Housing Company also has a website with information about the project.


The Department has consulted closely with the City of Sydney throughout the process. 

To learn more about the Pemulwuy Project you can:

The Department will assess the State Significant Development proposal according to the SSD process, and the modification to the concept approval according to transitional provisions for former Part 3A projects


To help with our assessment, we collected feedback during public exhibition of the proposals so we could better understand any views and concerns of the community. 

Comments received during exhibition are now publicly available for the concept plan modification and State Significant Development application on our major projects website.

Two planning applications were required because one of the applicants was for the modification to existing concept approval, and the other is a new State Significant Development (SSD) application for the detailed design and construction of the student accommodation. 

As both proposals were on public exhibition at the same time, the Department considered all comments received on either the modification or the SSD applications as applicable to both. 

The Department has collated, processed and published all submissions on our major projects website


The Aboriginal Housing Company has prepared and submitted a formal Response to Submissions (RtS) report, which is also now publicly available on our major projects website


As part of the assessment process for both applications, we will consider the merits of the project, including the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), all submissions and feedback, and the RtS report. 


As we received more than 25 objections in response to the public exhibition of the applications, they will be referred to the Independent Planning Commission for a final decision. 

Page last updated: 28/06/2018