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    A Plan for Growing Sydney, released in December 2014, is the NSW Government’s plan for the future of the Sydney Metropolitan Area over the next 20 years. The Plan provides key directions and actions to guide Sydney’s productivity, environmental management, and liveability – including the delivery of housing, employment, infrastructure and open space.


    Sydney is a global city, Australia’s largest city and the economic capital of the country.  
    It is also home to over four million people living in communities with unique identities that collectively enrich the life and character of Sydney.  

    Sydney needs a plan for the future that:

    • makes it easier for people to move between their homes, jobs, shops and parks
    • offers a wider variety of housing available to suit the changing make-up of the population 
    • delivers new infrastructure that supports our community as it grows
    • recognises our highly prized environment – the harbour, the coast, our mountains, parks and open spaces – and how to safeguard these places.

    To guide the expected growth and maintain the vision for Sydney, the Plan contains a number of goals, directions and actions. 

    The four goals the Department has set down to achieve the vision for Sydney are: 

    • Goal 1: A competitive economy with world-class services and transport;
    • Goal 2: A city of housing choice with homes that meet our needs and lifestyles;
    • Goal 3: A great place to live with communities that are strong, healthy and well connected;
    • Goal 4: A sustainable and resilient city that protects the natural environment and has a balanced approach to the use of land and resources. 

    These goals are further expanded into 22 strategic directions, and 59 detailed actions that the Government will take to implement the Plan.

    Some of the steps the Government will take to deliver these goals are:

    • accelerating urban renewal across Sydney at train stations, providing homes closer to jobs
    • growing a more internationally competitive Sydney CBD
    • growing Greater Parramatta as Sydney’s second CBD
    • transforming the productivity of Western Sydney through growth and investment
    • enhancing capacity at Sydney’s Gateways – Port Botany, Sydney Airport and Badgery’s Creek Airport
    • delivering the infrastructure that is needed
    • promoting Sydney’s arts and culture, tourism and entertainment industries
    • protecting our natural environment
    • managing long-term growth. 

    The Plan recognises that Sydney Metropolitan Area has two Central Business Districts (CBDs): Sydney/North Sydney and Greater Parramatta. 

    The importance of Parramatta’s role as Sydney’s second CBD will grow. Parramatta CBD will also integrate with the surrounding precincts of Westmead Health, North Parramatta, Rydalmere Education, and Camellia.

    Our two CBDs will be supported by a network of Strategic Centres and Transport Gateways, which will also be a focus for economic activity.

    New housing will be accelerated across Sydney, with a greater choice of housing types around centres. There will also be a focus on urban renewal corridors along rail lines.

    Greenfield housing development in new land releases will continue to be primarily focussed in the North West Growth Centre and the South West Growth Centre.  

    The Plan is guided by three planning principles: 

    • Principle 1: Increasing housing choice around all centres through urban renewal in established areas
    • Principle 2: Stronger economic development in strategic centres and transport gateways
    • Principle 3: Connecting centres with a networked transport system.

    The development of A Plan for Growing Sydney  was informed by feedback from people living across Sydney, as well as an evidence base including data, research and reports from a number of sources.  A detailed list of resources and evidence is provided in the Endnotes of the Plan. 

    Consultation on the Draft Metropolitan Strategy for Sydney took place in 2013.  

    This included:

    • over 1,100 submissions from members of the community, interest groups, local government and industry
    • eight community forums
    • representative workshops with members of the community in each of Sydney’s six subregions, as well as an additional cross-Sydney workshop
    • video interviews with 300+ Sydneysiders
    • online discussion forums
    • workshops with experts on key issues.

    Prior to this, consultation on Sydney over the next 20 years: A Discussion Paper took place in 2012.  
    This included:

    • submissions from members of the community, interest groups, local government and industry
    • community drop-in sessions in 15 locations across Sydney
    • online discussion forums
    • workshops with experts on key issues.