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Useful resources

The links below will assist councils in the making of local environmental plans.

All planning proposals and draft LEPs must comply with State law regarding reportable political donations.  For more details, including a disclosure form, read the guideline on disclosure of political donations and gifts.


Additional provisions, also commonly referred to as ‘local provisions’ or ’model local clauses’ are local clauses that have been settled by the Parliamentary Counsel’s Office which address common topics raised by councils in their standard instrument LEP preparation. The use of such settled clauses will reduce the time required to amend a standard instrument LEP.


Where councils would like to use one or more of the examples provided, but wish to make some minor alterations to suit their specific circumstances, these may be considered with the appropriate justification, although it is recommended that they be adopted 'as is' wherever possible. For further information please contact your relevant regional office.


The draft provisions are provided as precedents for the purpose of inclusion as local provisions in standard instruments. The clauses have been approved by the department and the Parliamentary Counsel's Office for inclusion in instruments, as at the date of their inclusion. However, these clauses are subject to change and correction without notice and the department and the Parliamentary Counsel's Office reserve the right to make any changes to the wording of the clauses as they think fit.

Additional information

The Parliamentary Counsel's Office has also issued advice regarding the drafting and notification processes for making delegated plans.  Information about PCO's role in drafting process can be found at:

Information about the notification process can be found at:

Page last updated: 11/01/2018