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The NSW Government is investigating opportunities for new jobs, homes and services around the planned Badgerys Creek Airport in Sydney’s west.


The new Western Sydney Priority Growth Area will provide local people with better access to jobs within and around the airport, as well as infrastructure and services for local residents.


The Department will work closely with Liverpool City Council and Penrith City Council to prepare a draft Land Use and Infrastructure Strategy. This will guide new infrastructure investment, identify new homes and jobs close to transport, and coordinate services in the area. 


The draft strategy will then be released for consultation with the community.


In particular, our work will look at how to better connect new suburbs with the planned second Sydney airport and the regional cities of Penrith and Liverpool. It will also include planning and funding of essential infrastructure and services.


The Western Sydney Priority Growth Area will also benefit from the $3.6 billion road investment program, the extension of the South West Rail Link from Leppington to St Marys, and the Outer Sydney Orbital.


Western Sydney Airport draft Environmental Impact Statement and draft Airport Plan 


The NSW Government supports the proposal of the Australian Government to develop a Western Sydney Airport at Badgerys Creek. The new airport will be a major catalyst for new jobs and economic growth in Western Sydney, the Sydney Metropolitan Region and wider NSW. 


The New South Wales Government provided a submission during the Australian Government’s consultation on the Western Sydney Airport draft Environmental Impact Statement and draft Airport Plan in December 2015.


A copy of the NSW Government submission is available below. This submission represents a whole of NSW Government response.


A Western Sydney Airport, as a new gateway to Australia and to NSW, should represent international best practice in terms of innovation and sustainability. Whilst the development of the airport is subject to a Commonwealth environmental assessment and approvals process, a number of key environmental issues were identified by the NSW Government. 


Recommendations for further assessment and additional mitigation measures were identified to strengthen the existing commitments in the draft EIS and draft Airport Plan.


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On 15 September 2016, the Hon Paul Fletcher MP, Minister for Urban Infrastructure, announced the finalisation of the Western Sydney Airport Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). 


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