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Map of infrastructure projects


The following map highlights infrastructure projects that have been identified to support the Bayside West Precincts.


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Regional infrastructure upgrades

Regional infrastructure and transport upgrades for Banksia and Arncliffe are:



Public transport

B1 New bus stops on Marsh Street.
R1 New major intersections on Marsh Street to provide access to Cooks Cove.

Regional / state road network

R2 Improvements to Marsh Street and Airport Drive. Including improved pedestrian connections to the Giovanni Bridge and upgraded pedestrian crossing of Marsh Street. Potential pedestrian over pass.
R3 Upgrades to the Kyle Street / West Botany Street intersection.
R4 Upgrade to the existing signalised intersection at Princes Highway / Burrows Street.
R5 Review configuration of Duncan and West Botany Street intersections.
R6 Upgrade the Allen Street / Princes Highway intersection.
R7 Upgrades to the intersection of Forest Road at Firth and Eden Streets.
R8 Review intersection treatments on either side of the railway underpass between Allen Street and Wollongong Road.
R9 Upgrade to the Spring Street / Princes Highway intersection.

Improvements for pedestrians and cyclists

P1 Investigate provision of a new walking and cycling bridge over the Cooks River to Sydney Airport.
P2 A direct foreshore bicycle / pedestrian path along the Cooks River.
P3 New and improved cycle and pedestrian crossing off the Princes Highway from Cahill Park to Brodie Spark Drive. Consider pedestrian over pass.


E1 New school located at Cooks Cove


Local infrastructure upgrades

Local infrastructure upgrades for the Banksia and Arncliffe are:




L1 Charles Street realignment.
L2 Gertrude Street extension.

Intersection upgrades at:

  • Wolli Creek Road / Wollongong Road
  • Fripp Street / Wollongong Road
  • Dowling Street / Wollongong Road
  • Wickham / Charles Street.
L4 Upgrade to rail underpass at Railway Street and Subway Road.



New on–road cycle paths along:

  • Wollongong Road and Allen Street
  • Wollongong Road to Bonar Street via Wardell Street / Avenal Street / Marinea Street
  • Burrows Street / Kyle Street
  • Duncan Street to Allen Street
  • Spring Street. Including improved crossing of West Botany Street.

Upgrades to the existing cycle network. Including:

  • north–south route between Arncliffe Station and Banksia Station Arncliffe Street / Burrows Street / Eden Street north.

Improvements to pedestrian crossings at:

  • Forest Way at Eden Street / Wardell Street Arncliffe Street / Allen Street roundabout
  • Wollongong Road / Firth Street roundabout.

Improved pedestrian facilities on new and existing streets at key locations to accommodate increased pedestrian activity. Including along:

  • Wollongong Road close to Arncliffe Park Burrows Road, Godfrey Street and Gardiner Avenue
  • Spring Street.

Drainage and flooding


Upgrade trunk drainage across the catchment and upgrade existing drainage network, including:

  • Drainage network along Wollongong Road from Dowling Street to Bonar Street and under the railway line
  • Additional inlets and drainage works at Valda Avenue
  • Pipe upgrades at Eve Street, brick arch openings under sewer carrier
  • Modifications to Bonnie Doon Channel
  • Dedicated overland flow paths.
D2 New flood storage and detention basins to mitigate future flooding.
D3 New levee to provide additional drainage capacity and reduce inundation from the Cooks River.

Community infrastructure

C1 A new district level branch library and community centre at Arncliffe.
C3 Upgrade to existing parks at Wooroona Reserve, Marinea Reserve and Marsh Street Reserve.
C4 New lighting and safety upgrades at Gardiner Park and Arncliffe Park.
C6 Investigate new local parks as part of redevelopment of sites on Eden Street (Land and Housing Site) and 12 Allen Street.
C7 Provision of new active recreation facilities at Cooks Cove.