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Key actions

The key actions for the Bayside West Precincts, established in the draft Land Use and Infrastructure Strategy, are as follows:

Special infrastructure contributions:

The Department will recommend a Special Infrastructure Contribution (SIC) be applied. The SIC will assist in funding regional infrastructure upgrades.

Priority precinct support scheme:

The Department will assist in identifying and funding new community projects in the growth area as part of the Priority Precinct Support Scheme, which is a NSW Government initiative and has allocated up to $10 million dollars for the area. The Department will undertake community consultation to help Council select the new projects to be funded.

New planning controls:

The Department will consult on new planning controls for the Arncliffe and Banksia Precincts which will allow for the redevelopment of these areas. Bayside Council will, with the assistance of the Department, prepare a Development Control Plan, which will provide detailed planning and design guidelines to support the new planning controls.


The developer of land at Cooks Cove may prepare a proposal to introduce new planning controls for the Cooks Cove Precinct to allow for development of the site. Any proposal is to be consistent with the recommendations of the Strategy.


A range of studies and reports have been produced to inform and to support the Draft Land Use and Infrastructure Strategy.


Draft Land Use and Infrastructure Strategy

Precinct proposal report

Community brochure

Community consultation report

Technical documents

Bayside West Precincts Land Use Map

This map is an illustration of land use in the Bayside West precincts.


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Bayside West Land Use illustrated map