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What's New

The key focus of planning in Frenchs Forest is fast tracking the first phase of the Hospital Precinct structure plan.


Community Benefits

  • Attractive green, pedestrian friendly streets
  • Opportunities for the community to work, meet, shop and dine both day and night
  • New urban plaza and high quality public open spaces
  • Movement network that encourages pedestrian activity and healthy lifestyles
  • Ensure any new development sympathetically transitions to existing homes
  • Key worker housing
  • Ensure the hospital integrates with the town centre




The Department is working collaboratively with council and state agencies to carry out further studies and an infrastructure plan. This draft rezoning plan will be released for community feedback in the first half of 2018.


These studies will include:

  1. Public Domain and Built Form Analysis
  2. Heritage Assessment
  3. Utilities Study
  4. Social Infrastructure and Recreation Study
  5. Transport


Council will also prepare a Section 94 Development Contributions Plan, to assist the funding of local infrastructure such as roads and open spaces. The Department will investigate a Special Infrastructure Contribution (SIC) to fund any necessary regional infrastructure such as regional cycleways.