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A mix of housing types and sizes will offer choice for buyers and renters. Housing will respond to the area’s landscape, including creeks and views.

Low density

Situated between areas of medium density and houses on larger lots, homes in the low density areas would enjoy average lot sizes of around 550 square metres. Close proximity to green spaces will ensure homes in these areas have good access to open space.

Low-rise medium density

Areas close to the neighbourhood centre and community facilities, as well as in the south of the precinct could provide low-rise medium density residential development. This could include town houses of up to three storeys. These areas will provide a transition to lower density areas within the precinct.

Houses on large lots

These homes will be on lots at least 2,000 square metres and are a buffer between residential areas and surrounding bushland or national parks.

Affordable Housing

We are looking at how we can deliver affordable housing for key workers in Ingleside. We are also reviewing the Draft North District Plan that has set a target of 5%-10% of floor space for affordable rental housing.  We will make these findings available during the formal exhibition in late 2018.


Around 700 local jobs will be generated by future residents in the precinct. There will also be retail employment opportunities within the proposed neighbourhood centre at the corner of Chiltern Road and Mona Vale Road.