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The Infrastructure Delivery Plan outlines the infrastructure required to enable the development of the precinct such as water supply, sewerage, electricity, gas, and telecommunications. Infrastructure will be delivered in stages to meet the needs of a growing community.


Water and Sewerage

Parts of the precinct are currently serviced by water supply and have connections to the Sydney Water sewerage system. A new potable water reservoir and sewerage pumping station will be needed to service North Ingleside. Sydney Water has advised that there will be at least a three year delay before a new water reservoir and sewage pumping station will be constructed.



The precinct is currently serviced via a combination of three existing zone substations outside the precinct. Ausgrid has confirmed that the entire precinct can be supplied by the Mona Vale Zone substation, via the installation of two new 11kV feeders leading into the precinct.



Gas services will be subject to a commercial assessment by Jemena.


Road Upgrades

Mona Vale Road will be upgraded to two lanes in each direction. This will occur in two stages, being Mona Vale Road East and Mona Vale Road West. For more information visit Roads and Maritime Services.


The upgrade will improve access to the precinct and enhance opportunities for urban development. It will improve the accessibility to public transport and also provide opportunities to create new fauna crossings in consultation with Roads and Maritime Services to improve fauna connectivity across the precinct.


Measures will be taken to reduce traffic on Powder Works Road and through traffic will be encouraged to use the upgraded Mona Vale Road.


Intersection upgrades

The following intersections will be upgraded:

  • Mona Vale Road and Powder Works Road
  • Mona Vale Road and Chiltern Road
  • Mona Vale Road and Manor Road/Lane Cove Road including a new road through the proposed neighbourhood centre.


Public transport

Bus routes will link key centres, transport hubs, schools, employment opportunities and residential areas. Bus stops will be improved as part of the Mona Vale Road upgrade and opportunities for bus services will be considered in future planning in line with staged residential development.


Social infrastructure

Our Demographic and Social Infrastructure Assessment has identified that the following community facilities and open space will be required to meet the needs of the community, once the precinct is fully developed:

  • multi-purpose community centres in both North Ingleside and South Ingleside
  • a primary school
  • local medical centre/s
  • three or four privately operated childcare centres
  • around 15.7 hectares of open space including playing fields, local walking and cycling paths and local parks distributed throughout the precinct.


Special Infrastructure Contribution

A Special Infrastructure Contribution will be used to help fund regional infrastructure, biodiversity and affordable housing. The Special Infrastructure Contribution framework for Ingleside is being developed and will be made available for community feedback during consultation in late 2018.


Section 94 Contributions

A Section 94 Contributions Plan is being prepared by Council, outlining the contributions on development within the precinct. This funding will be used to deliver essential infrastructure required by the precinct such as drainage and open space.