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The next steps in the planning process for Ingleside are as follows:

  • All of the submissions and feedback on the draft Strategy have been reviewed. Feedback from landowners, Northern Beaches Council, the Ingleside Community Reference Group, state agencies and the community will inform the development of the revised Land Use and Infrastructure Implementation Plan (Precinct Plan).
  • The Department is preparing a Bushfire Risk Assessment in response to submissions and to accord with revised arrangements for strategic planning proposals under the new draft Planning for Bushfire Protection Policy 2017. We are liaising with Northern Beaches Council and the Rural Fire Service of New South Wales in carrying out this Assessment.
  • A draft Local Character Statement (LCS) is also being prepared to define the existing character of the area and capture the community’s values and aspirations for the Ingleside Planned Precinct. The draft LCS will be based on the extensive community consultation undertaken to date and will inform the development of the revised Precinct Plan.
  • A decision will be made regarding the proposed amendment to the State Environmental Planning Policy (Sydney Region Growth Centres) 2006 to make Ingleside a Growth Area. An amendment to the policy will help to assist Northern Beaches Council when assessing development applications prior to rezoning. This will ensure that the intended planning outcomes for Ingleside are considered during the assessment of new buildings or projects.
  • The revised Precinct Plan will be released in late 2018, which forms the basis of the formal planning controls and contributions schemes. The revised Precinct Plan will include new material on energy and water conservation measures as well as affordable housing.


The formal planning controls and contributions schemes will also be placed on exhibition for comment at that time, including:

  1. Proposed changes to land use zones and associated controls for Ingleside;
  2. An application for Biodiversity Certification (this is required to be exhibited at the same time as the rezoning proposal). Biodiversity Certification enables areas of high conservation value to be identified upfront and means that landowners, Council and developers don't need to undertake a threatened species assessment during the Development Application stage;
  3. A Development Control Plan, addressing urban design controls for streetscapes, active travel, other public spaces and controls regarding the built form;
  4. A Special Infrastructure Contributions determination (section 7.23), funding biodiversity offsets, major infrastructure and potentially affordable housing;
  5. A Local Infrastructure Contributions Plan (Section 7.11), funding local infrastructure which will be maintained by Northern Beaches Council.


It is important to note that there will be further opportunities for the community to provide feedback on the revised Precinct Plan and other documents during exhibition in late 2018, prior to finalisation and approval.