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Plans for a vibrant new community in Vineyard

We are working to create vibrant, attractive and well-connected communities, where people can live and work, and have good access to public transport, community facilities, open spaces, shops and cafes.

The draft precinct plan for Vineyard (Stage 1) has been developed with input from Hawkesbury City Council. We have consulted with the community and stakeholders during our exhibition period which was held from December 2016 to 28 February 2017. A copy of the draft plan is available to view at the bottom of the page.


Thank you to everyone who took the time to put in a submission and attend our community drop in sessions. We are now finalising our review of submissions. It is important to give careful consideration to the issues raised in submissions from state agencies, local councils, landowners and the broader community. Click here to view the submissions.

Some of the key issues raised in the submissions involve how the draft plan for the new development addresses open space provision, as well as the potential for some different road alignments to those exhibited. There will be further meetings with Council and certain landowners in October to discuss the open space and roads issues.  
Following these meetings, we will be in a position to make a recommendation to the Minister to finalise the Vineyard (Stage 1) rezoning. Development applications could be lodged with Hawkesbury City Council once the land is rezoned. Questions about the future provision of rail should be directed to Transport for NSW. We have been working closely with Transport for NSW and Roads and Maritime Services in the finalisation of the rezoning.


Plan highlights

The draft Plan for Vineyard (Stage 1) aims to:


Create a mix of housing

For the first time in precinct planning, we are setting a maximum number of homes that can be built in a precinct. Referred to as a housing density cap, this will be ensure that the needs of the future residents are well balanced with the infrastructure and services planned and provided.


Our planning for Vineyard is based on a future population of approximately 7,400 and infrastructure such as the new road network, land for drainage, the primary school and the provision of water, sewer and electricity services has been planned to meet the needs of future residents.


The cap will also be considered for other areas of the North West Priority Growth Area to ensure that communities have access to the right infrastructure and services.


Create a new village centre and primary school

A village centre including a supermarket and some community facilities are planned to meet the local shopping needs of future residents. The village centre will be conveniently located, providing easy access to the new primary school.


Provide essential infrastructure

The draft plan identifies the infrastructure needed for development to occur including water, sewerage, electricity and roads and the timing for it to be delivered. The planning for Stage 1 of the Vineyard Precinct is designed to align with the timing of infrastructure services.


Improve connections by extending the road network

We are planning to improve access shops, schools, parks and services and make it easier for local people to get around.


The Bandon Road corridors will be extended following the alignment of Chapman Road, Commercial Road and Menin Road. The corridor extension will allow for construction of a new railway crossing beneath the Richmond Rail Line close to the existing alignment of Bandon Road.


These works will help provide safe, quiet streets for residents, cycling and walking paths, and direct access to the village centre.


Provide more public transport options

There will be more bus connections, walking and cycling paths to provide easy access to open spaces and nearby facilities. Transport investigations and planning are continuing for the Outer Sydney Orbital.


Provide open spaces and parks

Over 24 hectares of land will be set aside for open space for the new community. This includes parks and paths around waterways, as well as places for organised sport, including four sports ovals. The neighbourhood areas will be connected through a network of streets and public spaces along the Killarney Chain of Ponds.


Protect the environment and heritage

Our draft plan considers and responds to the local landscape including views, creeks and vegetation. New homes will be located close to open space and enjoy views of local and neighbourhood parks.


Manage the risk of flooding

Our planning has considered the types of land uses that could be supported on land prone to flooding, which promote safety and provide access in case of a flood.


These land uses will be reviewed once the outcomes of the Hawkesbury Nepean Valley Flood Risk Management Taskforce are released. A portion of residential land north and south of the Killarney Chain of Ponds Creek will be rezoned once the outcomes of the Taskforce are known.


Artist's impression of how the future Vineyard development will look

Artist impression of the Vineyard precinct


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Landowner workshops (June 2014)

Landowner workshops held in June 2014 provided an update of the work completed to date and were an important opportunity for the Department to hear from local people about what they want the area to look like in the future. 

For more information, refer to The PresentationDiscussion Paper and workshop feedback

Landowner Information Session (November 2013)

Two information sessions were held in November for landowners in the precinct. The sessions were an opportunity for landowners to better understand the Precinct Planning process, meet the staff and ask questions.

A copy of the presentation is available.

Page last updated: 14/09/2017