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We are working with local councils, agencies and communities to help provide new homes in the north west of Sydney that are close to jobs, parks, schools and services.


Planning for a new community in West Schofields (Part) has begun, with the precinct being released ahead of the government's timetable, under the Precinct Acceleration Protocol

The Department will be working closely with Blacktown City Council, the proponent CSR, stakeholders and the community to take a coordinated approach to planning for new homes and essential infrastructure. This process will involve detailed planning for the (Part) precinct as well as looking broadly at potential land uses across the entire West Schofields Precinct. 

Our work will focus on providing a range of housing types, improved public spaces, new parks, schools, roads and services, with good access to jobs and essential infrastructure that is required in the region. We will also work to address local concerns such as flooding and traffic through our technical studies and ongoing community consultation.

Rezoning land for housing means Sydneysiders will have access to a range of homes that suit different needs, budgets and lifestyle choices.  It also helps to place downward pressure on housing prices. 

Update (February 2017)

Much of our technical work for land in the south of the precinct has now been finalised. Thank you to all landowners who provided permission for our consultants to enter their properties.

We are now commencing studies and field work for land in the north of the precinct. This work will help to determine future land uses across the entire precinct and to plan for it as a whole.

Following this work, we will prepare a draft indicative layout plan for the whole precinct and release this together with a draft planning package for consultation. We expect this information to be available in the second half of 2017.

How to get involved

Community input is an important part of the planning process. We will be asking for feedback from landowners and the community at various stages of the process leading up to and including public exhibition. 

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Consultation to date

Landowner information sessions (April/May 2016)

Information sessions were held on 28 April and 5 May 2016 for landowners in both the (Part) precinct and the balance of the precinct. The sessions provided an overview of the planning process and an opportunity to ask questions.


A copy of the presentation is available below:

Transport Corridor  

The Department is working with Transport for NSW to confirm the alignment of the transport corridor within the West Schofields Precinct.Further details will be provided to landowners throughout the planning process.

Priority Growth Area

West Schofields (Part) precinct is located in the Blacktown local government area, in the North West Priority Land Release Area.  The (Part) precinct is 240 hectares in size and consists of a mix of rural residential areas.


Read the Frequently Asked Questions  for more information.


Page last updated: 22/02/2017