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Submissions on the draft plans for the Rhodes East Precinct are now closed.

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to fill out our survey, sent in a submission or attended one of our information sessions over the public exhibition period.


You can view the online submissions for Rhodes East.


The next steps of the process are;

  • Review submissions and address issues raised;
  • Finalise details of the infrastructure requirements and developer levy;
  • Finalise the precinct plan and make recommendations to the Minister for Planning;
  • Minister for Planning approves the precinct plan and SEPP amendments are published;
  • Council approves the Rhodes East Development Control Plan.


Station Integration Workshops

Since the public exhibition, new and updated information has emerged relating to the Greater Sydney Commission’s job targets, school site requirements, public transport and stakeholder feedback. This new information is generally related to the area close to Rhodes Station. The station area will be the focus of a Department-led workshop in early September, designed to help resolve these issues. 

Stakeholders with a direct interest in resolving these issues will be invited to take part, including the City of Canada Bay Council, key State agencies and landowners near the station. Discussion will focus on employment and infrastructure issues and potential solutions, together with issues raised during the public exhibition, which will allow the precinct plan to be progressed.  

Following the workshop, the Department will publish an updated program for completion of the precinct plan.  

Should you have any enquiry regarding the Workshop, please contact the Rhodes East team on 1300 305 695. 




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