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  • Step 1 Preparing the plan

    The Draft New England North West Regional Plan is underpinned by a strong evidence base. Data and evidence was gathered and analysed about population change, the regional economy, the housing and employment markets, the location of important environmental and resource areas and natural hazards.


    Background research that has informed the draft Plan can be found under resources.

  • Step 2 Plan on exhibition 

    We are seeking feedback on the Draft New England North West Regional Plan, which outlines a sustainable 20-year vision that takes advantage of the region’s diverse climates, landscapes, and resources to create great places to live and work.


    The draft plan has five goals for the region including:

    • A growing and diversified agricultural sector
    • A diversified economy through the management of mineral and energy resources, including renewable energy generation
    • Communities resilient to change, with housing choice and services that meet shifting needs and lifestyles
    • Prosperous urban centres with job opportunities
    • Protected water, environment and heritage

    We want to know what you think about the vision, goals and actions outlined in the draft Plan.

  • Step 3 Submission review period

    This stage involves considering feedback from the community and stakeholders about the draft plan to make sure the final plan reflects community interests and aspirations.
  • Step 4 Plan approved

    This stage means that we have finalised our plan and we are now working with all stakeholders to implement it.