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Urban renewal in Waterloo

Waterloo is set to become even more vibrant and diverse through a NSW Government urban renewal program that will deliver new homes, shops, major transport services, community facilities, parks, and open spaces over the next 20 years.


NSW Government agencies are working together in Waterloo to deliver this program under highly-integrated, but individually-delivered projects.


The 20-hecare precinct under investigation is located just over 3km south of Sydney CBD and includes publicly-owned and some privately-owned properties.


The redevelopment of social housing in the Waterloo Estate will deliver new and more social housing in a mixed community with new affordable and private housing. Combined with the plans for the Waterloo Metro Quarter (the area above and around the new Waterloo metro station), Waterloo will become one of the most connected and attractive inner city places to live, work and visit.


The Minister for Planning has determined that parts of Waterloo (PDF map, 968KB) are of State planning significance. The precinct will now be investigated for rezoning through the State Significant Precinct process. This is because Waterloo contains large areas of government-owned land and it is of state importance in achieving key government policy objectives, particularly those relating to increasing delivery of housing and jobs and the renewal of social housing.


Study requirements for this rezoning investigation have been issued to the applicants (NSW Land and Housing and UrbanGrowth NSW).

Waterloo Estate

Future Directions for Social Housing in NSW sets out the Government’s vision for social housing over the next 10 years. A key program of Future Directions is Communities Plus, which includes a $22 billion renewal program to build more social housing alongside private and affordable housing to create sustainable mixed communities. The Waterloo Estate has been included in this building program.


The NSW Department of Family and Community Services, Land and Housing Corporation (FACS) has engaged UrbanGrowth NSW to assist with technical work involved in developing the master plan. The master plan for the Waterloo Estate will be integrated with the master plan for the Waterloo Metro Quarter.


Waterloo Metro Quarter

Through Sydney Metro, the NSW Government will provide a new generation of trains to connect people across Sydney. The new Waterloo metro station will be located underground, with an entrance near the corner of Raglan and Cope Streets, Waterloo. The new station is part of a program that has an expected cost of between $11.5 and $12.5 billion.


The Waterloo Metro Quarter is the area above and around the station bounded by Botany Road, Cope Street, Raglan Street, and Wellington Street. As the NSW Government’s urban transformation agency, UrbanGrowth NSW will develop a comprehensive master plan for the Waterloo Metro Quarter, which will be integrated with the metro station design and the master plan for the Waterloo Estate.


Private properties within the precinct

Several private properties adjacent to the Waterloo Metro Quarter and the Waterloo Estate will also be considered as part of this rezoning investigation. Should rezoning take place, future development proposals would be assessed against new and amended planning controls.


The Waterloo Congregational Church, built in 1885, is an important heritage building and an integral part of the Waterloo community. Its inclusion within the boundary should not be viewed as an intention to rezone the church site, but to ensure that the entire Waterloo Metro Quarter is studied comprehensively.


The Department has written to property owners within the precinct to formally notify them of the rezoning investigation and explain the State Significant Precinct process for Waterloo.

Next steps

FACS has commenced community consultation, which will include a series of master planning workshops.


The master planning process will include detailed studies and is anticipated to take 12–18 months.


Once the master plan process is completed FACS and UrbanGrowth NSW will submit a State Significant Precinct Study to support the rezoning proposals to the Department of Planning and Environment.


The Department of Planning and Environment and the City of Sydney Council will jointly assess the State Significant Precinct Proposal.



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Page last updated: 02/05/2018