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Balancing housing, environment, economy and communities

A Plan for Growing Sydney sets a path to ensure Sydneysiders have greater access to the things they value – great outdoor spaces, greater housing choice, living closer to work, and world-class job opportunities. 

A Plan for Growing Sydney will ensure Sydneysiders continue to enjoy some of the highest standards of living in the world by providing more jobs in local communities, and improved productivity and competitiveness.

The Plan will provide Sydneysiders with opportunities to work closer to home, by investing in jobs and services in 28 strategic centres right across the city.

Parramatta will grow as Sydney’s second CBD, with specialised health and education precincts, better local transport connections and world-class cultural and arts facilities. 

Clustering industries together into ‘knowledge hubs’ will also help to encourage innovation and attract world-class jobs.  

These knowledge hubs include:

  • creative digital technology – Ultimo/Pyrmont
  • financial services – Sydney CBD
  • medical technology – Macquarie Park
  • transport and logistics – Redfern


Read more details in the Plan on how the Government will:

  • Direction 1.1: Grow a more internationally competitive Sydney CBD
  • Direction 1.2: Grow Greater Parramatta as Sydney’s second CBD
  • Direction 1.3: Prioritise the growth area from Greater Parramatta to the Olympic Peninsula
  • Direction 1.4: Transform Western Sydney through growth and investment
  • Direction 1.5: Enhance capacity at Sydney’s airports and ports
  • Direction 1.6: Expand the Global Economic Corridor to support jobs’ growth
  • Direction 1.7: Grow centres that provide more jobs closer to homes
  • Direction 1.8: Provide better links between Sydney and regional NSW
  • Direction 1.9: Support prioritised industries that can provide jobs
  • Direction 1.10: Plan for more education and health services to meet Sydney’s growing needs
  • Direction 1.11: Deliver infrastructure

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More affordable housing in areas close to friends and family, workplaces and schools, public transport, shops and services will make sure that Sydney remains a great place to live for everyone.

The Plan will help to provide more options for the types of homes people want during different life stages so they can stay living in their local communities as they have children or age.

Working side-by-side with communities and councils, new homes will be provided alongside better transport connections and more services such as schools, medical facilities, shops and parks.

Read more details in the Plan on how the Government will:

  • Direction 2.1: Improve housing supply across Sydney
  • Direction 2.2: Ensure more homes closer to jobs
  • Direction 2.3: Improve housing choice to suit different needs and lifestyles
  • Direction 2.4: Deliver well planned new areas of housing.

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A Plan for Growing Sydney will make sure communities have access to the things they value – things like parks, shorter commutes, jobs and affordable housing.

A new network of walking and cycling trails will make it easier for people to get around Sydney’s diverse and lively suburbs, and to enjoy Sydney’s amazing natural environment.

Through urban renewal programs, existing neighbourhoods will flourish with better access to public transport links and local community facilities, shops, cinemas, cafes, and health and education services.

Our city’s important heritage areas will be protected and celebrated, and arts and culture will help build vibrant communities, with a focus on both the Sydney CBD and Parramatta.

The Plan will unfold gradually over time, and there will be plenty of opportunities for everyone to help shape future plans for their local areas.

Read more details in the Plan on how the Government will:

  • Direction 3.1: Revitalise existing suburbs
  • Direction 3.2: Create a network of green and open spaces across Sydney
  • Direction 3.3: Create healthy built environments
  • Direction 3.4: Promote Sydney’s heritage, arts and culture

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Sydney’s beaches, harbour, parklands and mountains make it a great place to live, and help to attract visitors from around the world.

A Plan for Growing Sydney will ensure the city’s environment is protected now and for generations to come.

Good urban design and planning is more important than ever as the city grows, and the Plan will ensure the city’s built environment is sustainable, energy efficient and complements the city’s amazing natural environment.

A network of conservation areas and green corridors will ensure the area’s unique biodiversity and vulnerable species are protected.

The Plan will also help us build a more resilient city that can plan for, and respond to, the threat of natural hazards such as flooding and bushfires.

Read more details in the Plan on how the Government will:

  • Direction 4.1: Protect Sydney’s natural environment and distinct biodiversity
  • Direction 4.2: Plan for natural hazards like fires and floods
  • Direction 4.3: Manage the impact of development on the environment

Download the plan