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  • Step 1 Preparing the plan

    The Greater Sydney Commission's District Plans help set out how A Plan for Growing Sydney will apply to local areas. The six draft District Plans, one for each district in the Greater Sydney Region, were prepared in consultation with State agencies and the community and with technical input from councils.

    The draft District Plans build on each District's characteristics and draw from a robust body of technical material that looks into Greater Sydney's changing demographics, economy, housing, open space and many other characteristics. 

  • Step 2 Plans on exhibition

    The Greater Sydney Commission's District Plans help set out how A Plan for Growing Sydney will apply to local areas.

    They outline how the Government will make decisions on public spaces, community facilities, housing, jobs, transport options, schools and hospitals to meet the needs of communities across Greater Sydney.

    The 40-year vision, Towards our Greater Sydney 2056, and the first ever draft District Plans, one for each of Greater Sydney's six Districts, are available on public exhibition.  

    Draft District plans 

    The draft District plans are available for consultation with communities so everyone will get a chance to have a say.

    You can also view the priorities and actions for each District.


    Towards our Greater Sydney 2056

    This is a separate document and an ambitious future plan for a growing Greater Sydney, that forms a draft amendment to the Greater Sydney Region Plan. Towards our Greater Sydney 2056 is available for consultation.  

  • Step 3 Submission review period

    This stage involves considering feedback from the community and stakeholders about the draft plan to make sure the final plan reflects community interests and aspirations.

  • Step 4 Plan approved

    This stage means that we have finalised our plan and we are now working with all stakeholders to implement it.