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The new Act is easier to navigate and understand. It has 10 principal parts, with decimal numbering of all provisions. Some detailed provisions have also been moved to schedules and the regulations where appropriate. 


This table lists the existing section numbers of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 and the corresponding numbers of the new Act 2017 for the parts most frequently used by planning practitioners.


While stakeholders are encouraged to update their forms and templates by 1 March the regulations supporting the commencement of the changes to the Act will provide that a reference to an old section is a reference to a new section so that these forms and templates will continue to be able to be used post 1 March.


Previous section of the Act


Updated section reference in the Act

Sec 55

Planning proposals

Sec 3.33

Sec 76

Development that does not need consent

Sec 4.1

Sec 76A

Development that needs consent

Sec 4.2

Sec 76B

Development that is prohibited

Sec 4.3

Sec 77A

Designated development

Sec 4.10

Sec 78A


Sec 4.12

Sec 79B

Consultation and concurrence

Sec 4.13

Sec 79C


Sec 4.15

Sec 80


Sec 4.16

Sec 80A

Imposition of conditions

Sec 4.17

Sec 82A

Review of determination

Secs 8.2, 8.3, 8.4, 8.5

Sec 82B

Review where development application not accepted

Secs 8.2, 8.3, 8.4

Sec 82C

Review procedures generally

Sec 8.5

Sec 82D

Effect of review decisions

Sec 8.5

Sec 83

Date from which consent operates

Secs 4.20, 8.13

Sec 85

What is a “complying development certificate”?

Sec 4.27

Sec 89

Determination of Crown development applications

Sec 4.33

Sec 91

What is “integrated development”?

Sec 4.46

Sec 93F

Planning agreements

Sec 7.4

Sec 94

Contribution towards provision or improvement of amenities or services

Sec 7.11

Sec 94A

Fixed development consent levies

Sec 7.12

Sec 95

Lapsing of consent

Sec 4.53

Sec 96

Modification of consents—generally

Sec 4.55

Sec 97

Appeal by applicant—development applications

Secs 8.7, 8.10

Sec 106-109B

Existing uses

Secs 4.65 – 4.70

Sec 109D

Certifying authorities

Sec 6.17

Sec 109E

Principal certifying authorities

Sec 6.5

Sec 110

Definitions (Definition of an Activity – Environmental Assessment)

Sec 5.1

Sec 117

Directions by the Minister

Sec 9.1

Sec 119D  

Powers of investigation officers to enter premises

Sec 9.16

Secs 121A-121ZS


Secs 9.3 - 9.37 and Sch 5

Sec 125

Offences against this Act and the regulations

Secs 9.37, 9.50

Sec 149

Planning certificates

Sec 10.7

Sec 149A

Building certificates

Sec 6.26


You can access material from the updates process in the Document Library/Archive.

Page last updated: 13/03/2018