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Improving the Environmental Impact Assessment process

We are currently reviewing the Environmental Impact Assessment process for State significant projects in NSW in response to feedback from stakeholders and the community. This includes the post approval phase of projects. 


Read the discussion paper

We welcomed feedback on our discussion paper until 27 November 2016. 

About the process

We assess the environmental impacts of a proposal for a State significant project before making a decision on whether or not it may proceed. We do this by assessing information received from proponents in an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), and input from regulatory agencies and the community.


Environmental Impact Assessment refers to the entire process for both State Significant Development (SSD) and State Significant Infrastructure (SSI) proposals. It includes proposal development, Government agency and public consultation, exhibition of Environmental Impact Statements, the assessment and determination of projects, and the post approval phase when projects are constructed and operated.


Potential improvements

Suggested changes put forward for discussion include:

  • driving earlier and better engagement with affected communities
  • focussing assessment on the most important issues 
  • improving the quality and consistency of EIA documents
  • developing a standard approach for applying conditions to projects
  • providing greater certainty and efficiency around decision-making, including assessment timeframes
  • strengthening monitoring and reporting on project compliance
  • improving accountability of EIA professionals

We welcome your feedback on the most important issues to be addressed in this project, and the potential initiatives we have identified to help address these issues.


The release of the Integrated Mining Policy and Wind Energy Guidelines, and the development of Social Impact Assessment Guidelines are other initiatives that will contribute to these improvements. 


Next steps

Your feedback will help us develop draft guidelines, which will be released for consultation in 2017. You will also have an opportunity to provide input and feedback at this stage.
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Page last updated: 03/03/2017