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We are seeking feedback on improving the policy framework for voluntary planning agreements (VPAs). A VPA is a planning tool which allows planning authorities and developers to work together to deliver innovative infrastructure outcomes alongside development proposals. It allows flexibility and innovation in infrastructure so that the whole community can benefit from development.


Our aim

The NSW Government encourages councils and developers to work with the community to realise the best possible VPA outcomes including:

  • public benefit from the VPA that relates to the development;
  • a fair, reasonable and transparent VPA negotiation process; and
  • identifying appropriate infrastructure through an assessment of local community needs.


Have your say

To achieve these objectives we are asking for community feedback on:

  • A draft Ministerial direction for planning authorities on principles to be followed in negotiations on a VPAs, including requirements for strategic planning objectives and to improve the transparency of VPA benefits;
  • A draft revised practice note on VPAs outlining fundamental principles and best practice in their use and administration;
  • A draft planning circular to provide advice on ensuring planning proposals consider infrastructure needs and options for funding.


Make an online submission

You can make a submission by the 27 January 2017. For further information, phone 1300 305 695.

Page last updated: 28/07/2017