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Draft Special Infrastructure Contribution for Rhodes East

The Department of Planning and Environment is working towards creating well-connected, well-serviced communities to accommodate Sydney’s growing population. The Special Infrastructure Contribution (SIC) framework is one of many initiatives in place to help ensure the demands of the growing population are met in a timely manner.

The SIC is a levy paid by developers to share the cost of delivering the infrastructure required to support growing communities. The SIC funds infrastructure such as schools, state and regional roads, regional open space, emergency and health facilities and some public transport. 


The Government has been investigating Special Infrastructure Contributions for all Planned Precincts and Growth Areas across Sydney. Extensive work has already been done to identify the infrastructure needs for Rhodes East as part of the Precinct planning process, and SIC funding will help bring the plan to life. 


It will provide funding for $74.8 million for the delivery of new and upgraded infrastructure within the precinct, including:

  • Roads - $18.3M
  • Land or works for schools - $20.9M
  • Regional cycling and pedestrian facilities - $25.4M
  • Embellishment of open space - $9.1M
  • Planning and delivery costs - $1.1M


Planning and Consulting steps: Planned precinct identified, conslutation, SIC is drafted, and consultation again.Contribution: SIC is determined, Development application to council, Contribution is made.
Delivery: New homes, new infrastructure, community revitalised.Special infrastructure contributions pay for: Schools, regional roads, regional open space, emergency services, bus infrastructure, regional cycleways, regional pedestrian paths, health facilities.

Submissions for the draft Special Infrastructure Contribution for Rhodes East have now closed.

The Department will issue a submissions report in the coming months. If there are significant changes required in response to submissions, the SIC will be re-exhibited. If not, the SIC will be put to the Minister for Determination, an order drafted for the creation of a special contributions area and Directions made to Councils to apply the SIC.

Page last updated: 16/03/2018