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The retail industry generates around $72 billion per year in Australia, contributing around 5.1% to Australia’s Gross Domestic Product. Of the $72 billion, NSW contributes more than a third of this at $22.8 billion per year.


In June 2017, there were well over 44,000 retail businesses in NSW and 10.4% of NSW employees work in the retail sector.


In 2016, the Minister for Planning appointed an independent Retail Expert Advisory Committee to investigate and review retail planning in NSW. The Committee has finalised its report and provided its recommendations to the Minister for Planning.


In October 2017, the Minister for Planning accepted the Committee’s report and its recommendations.


Find the The REAC Independent Recommendations Report here.


The Department will review NSW’s retail planning framework, informed by the Committee’s recommendations. As retail planning policies are developed these will be made available for public feedback.

Page last updated: 08/11/2017