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Infrastructure SEPP review


We are improving the way we plan and deliver future community infrastructure and the upgrade of existing services by proposing changes to the Infrastructure State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) 2007.


The proposed changes will make it easier and faster to deliver and maintain social infrastructure including health facilities, correctional centres, emergency and police services, and council services. They will simplify the approval process while still ensuring appropriate levels of environmental assessment and consultation are undertaken for these activities.


Key changes proposed include:

  • Supporting health infrastructure to allow delivery of hospital beds more quickly
  • Changes to correctional facilities and police services to provide for a safer and more secure community
  • Optimising the use of commuter hubs by providing more services and conveniences at transport interchanges
  • Enabling councils to manage and maintain their lands better, including their operational lands


Proposed changes also include other operational and housekeeping improvements to ensure the policy remains up to date and effective.


Educational provisions will be transferred from the Infrastructure SEPP into a new standalone Education state policy.

Download the EIE document

How we are progressing the Infrastructure SEPP


Thank you to all who have taken the time to provide feedback on the draft Infrastructure SEPP during the exhibition period from 3 February 2017 to 7 April 2017.


The Department of Planning and Environment is now giving consideration to the feedback received and is working to finalise the Infrastructure SEPP.


For further information please see the Frequently Asked Questions, email or phone 1300 305 695.


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Page last updated: 09/10/2017