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State Significant Precincts are areas that the Minister for Planning considers to be matters of state or regional planning significance, because of their social, economic or environmental characteristics.

These areas can play a particularly important role in achieving government policy objectives, including those relating to increasing the supply of housing and employment in key locations, and improving housing choice and affordability. 


This guideline establishes a process for the rezoning of State Significant Precincts. 

To facilitate the redevelopment of potential State Significant Precincts, investigations will be carried out and a revised planning framework proposed.


Amendments to the zones and planning controls for State Significant Precincts will be made by way of a State Environmental Planning Policy which can be approved by the Minister for Planning for any matter which the Minister considers to be of state or regional planning significance as provided for under section 37 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979. These amendments will be supported by more detailed planning controls set out in a development control plan.

In most instances the State Environmental Planning Policy will amend the relevant local environmental plan(s). However in a small number of instances, where the NSW Government will have an ongoing role in the planning and development of the land, the zones and associated planning controls will be inserted in State Environmental Planning Policy (State Significant Precincts).

A State Significant Precinct must be demonstrated to be a matter of state or regional planning significance because of its social, economic or environmental characteristics.


Proposals will be assessed against the following criteria to determine their significance to state or regional planning objectives:

  • be a large area of land within a single ownership or control, typically government owned
  • be of state of regional importance in achieving government policy objectives, particularly those relating to increasing delivery of housing and jobs
  • be of state or regional importance for environmental or natural resource conservation
  • be of state or regional importance for heritage or historical significance.
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Page last updated: 07/07/2017