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Following the high–rise fire disaster at London’s Grenfell Tower earlier this year, our package of proposed reforms will improve fire safety checks of buildings.


The cladding reform consists of two elements:

The draft regulation aims to reduce the risks around the use of combustible external wall cladding.


The package includes an Explanation of Intended Effect (EIE) (PDF, 1.79 MB) that proposes amendments to eight State Environmental Planning Policies, which will limit the use of combustible cladding as exempt development, that is without planning or building approval.


The draft Regulation (PDF, 203 KB) will require building owners to register with the NSW Government if their building has combustible external wall cladding and undertake a fire safety assessment if needed.


The regulation will not apply to separate houses and outbuildings, or to residential buildings under two storeys and non-residential buildings under three storeys.


The draft regulation and the Explanation of Intended Effect were on exhibition for public comment until Friday 16 February 2018.


View the draft Regulation (PDF, 203 KB)

Page last updated: 03/07/2018