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The Employment Lands Development Monitor (ELDM) tracks mid‐sized and major business parks (10 to 50 hectares in size) in the Sydney Metropolitan Area. Prior to 2015, the ELDM only tracked business parks greater than 50 hectares in size.


These precincts generally have a B7 Business Park zone but may also include components of similar employment zones reflecting the broader functions of these precincts.


Monitoring of business parks recognises the growing importance of these locations for job growth and the evolution of some industrial areas towards higher density employment areas combining a mix of manufacturing, logistics, warehousing, research and development and office uses.

Major Business Parks are precincts more than 50 hectares in size. They are located in eight local government areas (LGAs) across Sydney and include:


  • Box Hill (The Hills LGA)
  • Frenchs Forest (Warringah LGA)
  • Leppington North (Camden LGA)
  • Macquarie Park (Ryde LGA)
  • Marsden Park (Blacktown LGA)
  • Norwest (The Hills LGA)
  • Sydney Olympic Park/Rhodes (Auburn and Canada Bay LGAs)

Zoned employment land stocks

The zoned land of most major business parks is almost fully developed (established business parks) or at the very early stages of development (emerging business parks).


Only seven per cent of the total undeveloped land (21 ha of 298 ha) was zoned and serviced (water and sewer lead‐in) at January 2016, all of which is located in established business parks. Emerging business parks at Leppington North, Marsden Park and Box Hill have a combined 250 hectares of undeveloped land but are yet to be serviced.

Land take‐up

In 2015, take‐up of business park land was 8.2 hectares. This compared with 6.7 hectares in 2014. Take‐up activity in 2015 mainly occurred in Marsden Park (3.1 hectares), Macquarie Park (2.1 hectares) and Norwest (2.1 hectares).

Other Business Parks are precincts between 10 and 50 hectares in size. These include:


  • Auslink (Warringah LGA)
  • Coonara Avenue, West Pennant Hills (Hornsby LGA)
  • Greystanes (Holroyd LGA)
  • Potts Hill (Bankstown LGA)
  • Riverstone West (Blacktown LGA)
  • Ryde Road, Pymble (Ku‐ring‐gai LGA)
  • Warriewood (Pittwater LGA).

Zoned employment land stocks

At January 2016 there were 43 hectares of undeveloped land in other business park precincts (32 per cent of total land stock) with the majority located in Coonara Avenue, West Pennant Hills; Riverstone West and Greystanes.

Of the 55 hectares of undeveloped land, 44 per cent (or 24 hectares) is serviced (water and sewer lead‐in). Most undeveloped and serviced land is in Coonara Avenue, West Pennant Hills (11 hectares) and Greystanes (eight hectares). Almost half of the remaining undeveloped land is within Riverstone West (19 hectares) which is yet to be serviced.

Land take-up

In 2015, take‐up of business park land was 5.2 hectares, all located in Greystanes.

Page last updated: 15/12/2016