Our priorities in New South Wales

Transform the way we work

  • Drive high-performing delivery organisation 
  • Build brand and reputation of Planning & Infrastructure
  • Build trust across the planning system

Implement the new planning system

  • Bring the new Act into operation 
  • Create the new tools required under the Act
  • Review State agency referrals 
  • Transition to new local plans 

Facilitate employment and investment

  • Streamline planning processes to enable accelerated employment
  • Approve employment-generating developments (if complying in all other respects)
  • Zone land to enable employment generating development 

Align infrastructure provision to growth priorities

  • Facilitate, coordinate and monitor infrastructure delivery
  • Support sub-regional delivery plans
  • Implement frameworks that support infrastructure spend (while meeting environment, liveability and sustainability imperatives)

Increased housing supply

  • Deliver greenfield and infill programs
  • Develop a policy and practice framework for housing supply
  • Build increased capacity to understand and forecast the housing market 


Last Updated 24-Feb-2014