Population and housing projections - 2013

The department is the key source of population analysis and policy-orientated advice for the NSW Government. It is responsible for the development and regular review of NSW official population projections, incorporating information from its Metropolitan Development Program, the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Federal Department of Immigration and Citizenship and NSW Health. It also develops household and dwelling projections, which are informed by the future population size and age structure as indicated by the population projections.

Strong growth in NSW population over next 20 years

The population of NSW will increase by two million people to reach 9.2 million by 2031.  A special release of preliminary population projections for 2011-2031 reveals that all of the State’s regions will grow – some faster than others.

Map: Preliminary 2013 Population Projections

Click on a region to view population projections by region and each of the 152 local government areas in NSW. Please note the the interactive features of the map typically cannot be seen on Ipads. 

  South West NSW North West NSW South East NSW North East NSW Lower Hunter and Central Coast Sydney Metropolitan Area Illawarra South East NSW excluded


Report - New South Wales in the future: Preliminary 2013 population projections [PDF 23.1MB]
Spreadsheets - Population estimates & projections for local areas of NSW [XLS 37KB]
Frequently Asked Questions [PDF 271KB]
Brochure - NSW is growing: Let’s plan for it [1.6MB]
Media release - An extra two million people across NSW by 2031 [PDF 77KB]

See also our web page about encouraging growth in regional areas: Planning for growth

Important note for users:

These population projections are not targets. They do not necessarily reflect policy positions and may well differ from policy targets expressed in Planning & Infrastructure's Metropolitan and Regional Strategies. It is important to recognise that projections reflect the outcome of certain assumptions about the future of fertility, mortality and migration – assumptions which may or may not eventuate. The projections should not be interpreted as precise predictions of the demographic future.

This special release of NSW state and local government area projections will be updated in 2014 following the launch of Australian Bureau of Statistics historical data reviews.

NSW Population Roadshow:

In 2012 and 2013, the Demography Unit from Planning & Infrastructure, in partnership with the Australian Bureau of Statistics, held numerous workshops throughout NSW. These workshops presented information about population trends and the underlying drivers of population change and the methods used to derive population statistics for NSW. They have also provided an opportunity for workshop participants to provide information that would inform the 2013 review of NSW population projections.

Click here to view presentation videos from the 2012 population workshops.

Population NSW Bulletin:

The Demography Unit produces a population bulletin that highlights the latest trends in NSW’s population. It is a useful reference of current population trends for all users of NSW population projections.

Click here to view past editions of the NSW Population Bulletin.

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