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The Bella Vista Station Precinct Proposal was made available for community consultation from 7 December 2015 to 28 February 2016. The draft proposal was developed with the vision to create “The Hills' premier living and business precinct”.


The precinct will be a more attractive place to live with new public spaces including a new town square opposite the station, open space and neighbourhood parks, and more accessible natural spaces adjoining Elizabeth Macarthur Creek.


The draft plan includes:

  • areas for proposed rezoning including land use zones and maximum buildings heights
  • provision for improved public open space, improved connections for pedestrians and cyclists, and community facilities 
  • infrastructure works to support the forecast population growth.


The Bella Vista Station Precinct is part of the Sydney Metro Northwest Priority Urban Renewal Corridor, which aims to create new centres around the Sydney Metro Northwest stations which will be great places to work, live and play.


View the Bella Vista Station Precinct video:

View the material that was exhibited

The exhibition period has now closed, however you can still view the material: 


Exhibition Newsletter


Online survey 

As part of the Precinct Support Scheme, up to $5 million has been allocated to improving local infrastructure around the Bella Vista station precinct. 


An online survey was conducted throughout April and early May 2016 to get community feedback about how the council can use this money to improve the areas around the station. Results of the survey will be made public in late May 2016. 

Submissions received 

The submissions received in response to the draft proposal can be viewed online at Bella Vista precinct submissions



Project update

The Hills Shire Council unanimously voted for Bella Vista, Kellyville and Showground to be nominated as Priority Precincts in October 2013. The NSW Government announced these three precincts as Priority Precincts in August 2014 and the Department of Planning and Environment has been working with the Council to deliver the draft plans for these precincts. (Council Nomination Letter Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9).


The Department progressed the draft plans for these precincts, based on a negotiated outcome for Showground Precinct, agreed in principle between the NSW Chief Planner and The Hills Shire Council. The draft plans were ready for finalisation, however in response to a request from Council the finalisation process was deferred. The Council has recently raised new matters, which the Department is now reviewing. The forecast date for finalisation of these precincts remains uncertain due to the Department’s commitment to listening to all stakeholders and assessing the revised Council position.


A copy of the information received from Council is provided below.






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