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The Carter Street Priority Precinct will provide more homes, jobs, better public spaces, shops and cafes with access to public transport, international sporting facilities and entertainment venues.

The rezoning for the Carter Street Priority Precinct was finalised in November 2015.

The final plans show how the industrial area in the Greater Parramatta to Olympic Park Priority Growth Area will be transformed into a vibrant community, with easy access to the M4 Motorway and the planned WestConnex.

Precinct Plan

The Department worked closely with Auburn City Council and the local community to finalise the rezoning for the Carter Street precinct.

The final report and plans take into consideration issues raised by the community and outline changes made to the plans.

The final plans feature:

  • a new village centre with up to 12,000 sqm of shops and services focussed on Uhrig Road
  • a site for a new primary school
  • more public open space, including a major park of nearly three hectares
  • a new foreshore reserve along Haslams Creek
  • pedestrian and cycle paths linking to the existing network throughout Sydney Olympic Park 
  • at least 5,500 new homes, ranging from townhouses to apartments to be delivered over the next 20 years
  • a business and technology park on 13 hectares of highly accessible employment land along the M4 corridor for corporate offices and light industry.

Community Consultation

Community feedback played an important part in helping to finalise the plans for the precinct. Community consultation included:

  • a six-week exhibition period during March and April 2014
  • an online community survey
  • two community information sessions
  • notification cards sent to 2,600 surrounding properties.

During the exhibition period, 50 submissions were received. Key issues raised in the submissions related to:

  • traffic
  • public transport
  • schools
  • odour
  • parking
  • community facilities
  • building height and density
  • open space
  • noise.

The online survey reinforced the importance for public transport and education facilities.

Delivery Program

The Precinct will benefit from significant Government infrastructure investment in transport.

The NSW Government has already announced a new eastbound ramp from Sydney Olympic Park to the M4 Motorway at Hill Road as part of WestConnex Stage One


There is also potential for a new westbound off-ramp from the M4 Motorway at Hill Road as part of WestConnex Stage One.


A voluntary planning agreement will see developers contribute $55 million to the construction of road upgrades, including the potential westbound off-ramp from the M4.


The precinct will also benefit from $5 million from the NSW Government’s Precinct Support Scheme which is to be directed towards the establishment of a cycleway and associated improvements to link the precinct to Lidcombe Station and the existing cycle network along the M4 Motorway.


The Department will monitor development in the precinct and work with other government agencies to coordinate infrastructure requirements to meet the needs of the precinct over time.

Update (March 2017)

In November 2015, the NSW Government committed funding for a new westbound off-ramp from the M4 Motorway at Hill Road. The new westbound off-ramp requires road widening outside of the existing road corridor within both Sydney Olympic Park and the Carter Street Precinct.

We are working together with Roads and Maritime Services, Sydney Olympic Park Authority and the City of Parramatta to amend the current Carter Street Precinct Plan and Development Control Plan as well as the Sydney Olympic Park Master Plan 2030. The revised plans will accommodate the new off ramp whilst still ensuring a mix of housing, employment and retail services within the Carter Street Precinct.


Carter Street Lidcombe Priority Precinct Finalisation Report 2015

Appendix A - Auburn City Council submission 

Appendix B1 - Sydney Olympic Park Authority submission 

Appendix B2 - NSW Environment Protection Authority submission

Appendix B3 - Sydney Water Submission 

Appendix C1 - Urban Design Review part 1 

Appendix C2 - Urban Design Review part 2  

Appendix C3 - Urban Design Review A to D 

Appendix C4 - Urban Design Review E 

Appendix C5 - Urban Design Review F part 1 

Appendix C6 - Urban Design Review F part 2 

Appendix C7 - Urban Design Review G to I 

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Carter Street Voluntary Planning Agreement 

Carter Street Precinct Development Control Plan

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