Development Assessment Systems

In New South Wales, there are a number of different systems for the assessment of development proposals. These assessment systems are specifically tailored to cater for varying size, nature and complexity of different project types. These factors will determine which assessment system applies to a particular development.

The assessment systems are all set out in the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act (the Act) and include: 

The vast majority of development applications in New South Wales are for local and regional development and are assessed by local councils under Part 4 of the Act.

The department is predominantly responsible for assessing applications under the State significant assessment system for projects whose size, complexity, importance or potential impacts mean they are of State, rather than local or regional, significance.

However, the department is continuing to assess a number of proposals that were already lodged under the former Part 3A system prior to its repeal and also deals with some specific smaller applications under Part 4, such as alpine resorts (see the ‘Local and regional development’ link for further detail).

To view development proposals currently being assessed by the department and determinations already made, please visit the department's Development Assessments Register

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Last Updated 20-May-2014