Land Supply and Management

Office of Strategic Lands

Planning & Infrastructure's Office of Strategic Lands (OSL) operates on behalf of the Minister for Planning & Infrastructure to identify, acquire, manage (on an interim basis) and transfer to other government agencies land that is required for planning purposes throughout Sydney Region. This is undertaken through the Sydney Region Development Fund.

Since the early 1950s, the OSL and its predecessors has provided land for:

  • regional open space and conservation;
  • infrastructure projects like road and rail corridors, and
  • special purpose sites for heritage, town centres and coastal reservations.

Examples of OSL’s activities include the participation in or delivery of projects like:

  • the New Rouse Hill Town Centre,
  • the recently established Western Sydney Parklands,
  • land for Sydney’s major transport corridors (M7 and rail),
  • The creation of the Ropes / South Creeks biodiversity Corridors.

The OSL works closely with local government to deliver land for major parks and public places within their council areas. OSL administers a number of annual funding programs for the enhancement of public open space, such as the Metropolitan Greenspace Program. OSL is also a major contributor to the Sharing Sydney Harbour Access Program

Changes to Planning & Infrastructure's planning policies and strategies sometimes result in land within the OSL portfolio becoming surplus to its needs. Income generated from the disposal of these surplus lands is reinvested into the acquisition of land for government objectives to meet current community needs.

In its own way, OSL has helped shape the urban form of the Sydney region. The land management functions of the OSL play an important role in supporting long-term planning in the Sydney region, particularly those relating to open space and land for public purposes.

Last Updated 26-Feb-2014