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  • Step 1 Preparing the plan

    The first step in the process of developing the draft plan for the Illawarra was the preparation and release of The Illawarra over the next 20 years: A Discussion Paper in August 2013. The Paper was accompanied by extensive community consultation and this was used to inform the draft Plan.

  • Step 2 Plan on exhibition

    The Your future Illawarra Draft Regional Growth and Infrastructure Plan was released for community consultation in October 2014. It identified options for delivering new homes, jobs and infrastructure, as the region grows over the next 20 years. Community feedback has again been carefully considered to help inform the final Plan.

  • Step 3 Submission review period

    Feedback from the community and stakeholders during the consultation on the Your future Illawarra Draft Regional Growth and Infrastructure Plan in late 2014 has helped us to finalise the Plan. 

  • Step 4 Plan approved

    The Illawarra-Shoalhaven Regional Plan will guide strategic planning for this nationally significant region over the next 20 years. 


    The new plan is focussed on:

    • creating a robust, diversified economy, including access to high quality jobs
    • delivering greater housing choice to suit the changing population needs
    • growing the capacity of the port of Port Kembla as an international trade gateway
    • developing strong and vibrant communities through improved public transport and urban design 
    • protecting the landscape and environment
    • growing the national competitiveness of Metropolitan Wollongong to provide more jobs, housing and lifestyle opportunities
    • increasing capabilities of key sites in Nowra and Shellharbour City Centres, Illawarra Regional Airport, Albatross Aviation Technology Park and the Waterfront Shell Cove

    The Plan was informed by strong community and stakeholder input and feedback during consultation on the Illawarra Over the next 20 years: A Discussion Paper and the Draft Illawarra Regional Plan. It also draws on a detailed evidence base.