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Sydney: 6 March 2007


NSW State Plan Priority E5: Jobs closer to home

Planning Minister Frank Sartor today announced new measures to boost the supply of employment lands across the Sydney region to cater for at least 125,000 new jobs over the next 25 years.

Mr Sartor said the Government’s strategy aims for significant growth within the Western Sydney Employment Hub at the M4/M7 intersection, where three major projects expected to generate 610 new jobs have just been approved.

“The Employment Lands for Sydney Action Plan is part of the Government’s long-term strategy to provide more jobs closer to where people live,” Mr Sartor said.

“We want to strengthen our regions, cut down on commuting, reduce pollution and create more family time, while ensuring NSW remains open for business.

“One in four Sydney workers currently have jobs on employment lands such as industrial areas and business and technology parks.

“This Action Plan sets out the Government’s strategy for securing up to 7,500 hectares of additional employment lands in Greater Sydney by 2031, including the Central Coast.

“Ensuring Sydney has sufficient land for new jobs is just as important as providing a stock of land for housing.

“That’s why the Government will invest $1 million to establish a comprehensive Employment Lands Development Program to monitor supply and speed up rezonings.”

Mr Sartor said the Action Plan was the result of top-level advice from the Employment Lands Task Force which includes business and industry representatives.

Other key initiatives include:

• A new State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) to provide the development framework for employment lands across NSW;

• Work to stimulate investment and jobs growth in existing employment lands including St Marys-Dunheved, Milperra and areas east of the Liverpool town centre;

• A new Employment Lands Ministerial Advisory Committee to provide ongoing advice on the provision of employment lands across NSW.

As part of the Action Plan, the Government will also investigate a major extension to the Western Sydney Employment Hub, including parts of Badgery’s Creek and Kemps Creek.

Mr Sartor said projects approved for the Hub include:

• Woolworths Liquor Distribution Centre – a $41.2 million project expected to create 190 operational jobs;

• Kimberly-Clark Distribution Centre – a $42.3 million project generating 140 permanent jobs;

• CSR Warehouse and Distribution Centre – a $200 million concept plan, and approval for Stage One of the project, creating 280 operational jobs, 100

construction jobs and capital investment of $43 million.

The developments are located within the Erskine Park Employment Area, where 57 hectares will be set aside for environmental offsets as part of a broader Biodiversity Strategy.

Minister for Western Sydney Diane Beamer said the projects would also deliver funds for the Erskine Park Link Road.

“This investment in Western Sydney is major step forward for the Employment Hub,” Ms Beamer said.

“Not only will it create hundreds of new jobs for our region but these approvals will also help deliver the Link Road, which is expected to unlock the Hub for development and attract even more investment and local jobs.”

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