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Media Releases
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Media Releases

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Media Release - Minister's Office

Sydney: 20 November, 2009


The Government welcomes the Parliamentary Inquiry’s report into Badgerys Creek land dealings and planning decisions, which vindicates the Director General of the Department of Planning, and his staff.

The report shows the land has been considered by local, state and federal governments for a range of uses, including an airport, employment or environment land, since as far back as 1969.

“The report is crystal clear on the status of the Badgerys Creek land,” said Planning Minister, Kristina Keneally.

“The report shows the Department of Planning refused to rezone the land four times in the last four years. It shows that there are no current plans to rezone the land.

“The Opposition have cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars, wasted public servants’ time, and maligned the staff at the Department of Planning.”

Ms Keneally said the NSW Government will consider the recommendations from the Inquiry.

“Unlike the Opposition, the Government is already implementing significant changes in relation to both political donations and lobbying,” Ms Keneally said.

“Through the Lobbyist Register and the Code of Conduct, we have already made information publicly available on which lobbyists are lobbying the Government on behalf of which clients.

“And the independent Planning Assessment Commission already makes planning decisions on my behalf if a developer with a proposal before the NSW Government has donated to any political party.

“The relationship between lobbyists, developers and the Government is being made more transparent thanks to the next round of changes announced by the Premier last Saturday.

“Those guidelines will further regulate meetings between planning department staff and developers, lobbyists, community groups and opponents of projects.” Ms Keneally said the guidelines will ensure:

  • Meetings occur on official premises or on site
  • At least two departmental officers are present
  • Full minutes are recorded and retained

“All Department of Planning staff have already been advised of the new requirements, which will be consolidated into formal guidelines as a matter of priority,” Ms Keneally said.

“Compare that to the Opposition, who for all their manufactured outrage, still have not signed up to the Premier’s announcement to ban political donations from developers.

“The Opposition’s breathless hypocrisy on donations and lobbyists builds on their failure to sign up to the lobbyist Code of Conduct and the Lobbyist Register.”

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