Planning For Our Future

Planning for our future

The NSW Government is considering options on the best means to implement its planning reform program.

The NSW Government is committed to delivering a new planning system for NSW – a modern and easy planning system for the 21st century that will put you, the community, first.

Our aim is to deliver a new system that:

  • Gives communities a greater say upfront
  • Allows quicker decisions to be made
  • Is a simpler system that allows new investment
  • Strengthens rights for individuals and groups through a Community Participation Charter
  • Provides a more predictable assessment process
  • Provides more housing choice across the State


Our New System;

  1. How we listened to you
  2. The case for change
  3. Everyone gets a say
  4. Certainty in the planning process
  5. Local planning for local communities

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Last Updated 26-Feb-2014