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Your feedback can play a vital role in helping to plan for the future of your local area. We welcome your thoughts on our policies and plans, as well as major development proposals that the Department is assessing. Join others in your community in sharing your ideas through surveys, submissions, events and conversations on social media.

Plans for Your Area

Name Type Start date End date

Temporary school at Wentworth Park

Sydney Regional Environmental Plan 26 - City West

Plans 19/09/2016 04/10/2016
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Name Type Start date End date
None currently on exhibition Policies

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Major Projects

Name Type Start date End date
10 Bronzewing Street, Tahmoor
10 Bronzewing Street, Tahmoor Planning Agreement
VPA 06/09/2016 03/10/2016
15 Macquarie Place Tahmoor
15 Macquarie Place Tahmoor Planning Agreement  
VPA 06/09/2016 03/10/2016
20 Bronzewing Street, Tahmoor
20 Bronzewing Street, Tahmoor Planning Agreement  
VPA 06/09/2016 03/10/2016
20 Macquarie Place, Tahmoor
20 Macquarie Place Tahmoor Planning Agreement
VPA 06/09/2016 03/10/2016

Albion Park Quarry

Albion Park (Mod3)

Part 3A Mod
13/08/2016 12/10/2016

Bango wind farm

Bango wind farm project

SSD  27/09/2016  28/11/2016 

Captial 2 wind farm

Capital 2 Wind Farm Modification 4 - extension of lapse of approval

Part 3A Mod
23/09/2016 10/10/2016 

Gosford Hospital

SSD 6913 MOD 2 - Gosford Hospital Redevelopment and new Health and Wellbeing Precinct

SSD Mod 14/09/2016  12/10/2016 

Invincible Mine

Invincible Coal Mine - Southern Extension Modification

Part 3A Mod 
27/09/2016  08/11/2016 

Jemalong Solar Farm

Jemalong Solar Farm Project

SSD  07/09/2016  21/10/2016 

Luddenham Clay and Shale Quarry

DA 315-7-2003 MOD 4 Relocate Stockpiling and Composting Activities

Part 3A Mod  15/09/2016  14/10/2016 
Rocky Hill Coal Mine
Rocky Hill Coal Project
SSD 17/08/2016
Stratford Mine Complex
Modification to Stratford Extension Project
SSD Mod 17/08/2016

Springvale Mine, Springvale Coal Services site and Mount Piper Power Station

Springvale Water

SSD 27/09/2016  08/11/2016 

Sydney Opera House

Joan Sutherland Theatre Accessibility and Additonal Works and Front of House Works

SSD 15/09/2016  31/10/2016 

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House - Temporary Experiential Accommodation

SSD 08/09/2016  24/10/2016 
Sydney Science Park
Voluntary Planning Agreement - Sydney Science Park 
VPA 01/09/2016 03/10/2016

Weston Aluminium Plant

10397 of 1995 Modification 8 to Weston Aluminium Dross Recycling Plant - remove distinction between SPL types

 Part 3A Mod
22/09/2016 13/10/2016 

Weston Aluminium Plant

Medical and Other Waste Thermal Processing Facility

 SSD 08/09/2016  24/10/2016
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 Abbreviation Description
 SSD State Signifiicant Development
 VPA Voluntary Planning Agreement