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Your feedback can play a vital role in helping to plan for the future of your local area. We welcome your thoughts on our policies and plans, as well as major development proposals that the Department is assessing. Join others in your community in sharing your ideas through surveys, submissions, events and conversations on social media.

Plans for Your Area


Type Start date End date
Ingleside Draft Land Use and Infrastructure Strategy Plans 2/12/2016 28/02/2017 
Arncliffe and Banksia Priority Precincts, Rezoning Proposal
Plans 28/11/2016 28/02/2017
Bayside West Precincts (Arncliffe, Banksia and Cooks Cove) Land Use and Infrastructure Strategy  Plans 28/11/2016 28/02/2017

Changes to planning controls in Ropes Creek

Plans 18/11/2016 19/12/2016
Previous consultations on plans 



Name Type Start date End date
Coastal reforms Policy 11/11/2016 23/12/2016 
Discussion paper: Hunter Special Infrastructure Contribution Plan Policy 14/10/2016 16/12/2016
Draft Medium Density Design Guide and Explanation of Intended Effect for the new Medium Density Housing Code Policy 12/10/2016 23/12/2016
Improving voluntary planning agreements  Policy  4/11/2016  27/01/2017 
Review of State Environmental Planning Policy 44 (Koala Habitat Protection)
Policy 18/11/2016 16/12/2016 
Social Impact Assessment - Draft guidelines for State Significant mining, petroleum production and extractive industry development Policy 08/12/2016 03/03/2017
Ivanhoe Estate - State and Regional Development SEPP listing Policy  07/12/2016  31/01/2017 
Previous consultations on policies 


Major Projects

Name Type Start date End date
06_0309 Trinity Point Drive
Modification to Mixed use marina/tourist/residential (Concept Plan) (06_0309 MOD 3)
Part 3A Mod  17/11/2016  16/12/2016 
Berry and Walker Street, North Sydney
Modification to MP08_0238 - Commercial and Hotel development Berry/Walker Street
Part 3A Mod 
18/11/2016  19/12/2016 
Berry and Walker Street, North Sydney
Modification to MP08_0238 - Commercial and Hotel development Berry/Walker Street
Part 3A Mod 
18/11/2016  19/12/2016 
Cowal Gold Mine
Cowal Gold Mine Mod 13 - Mine Life Extension
Part 3A Mod 
18/11/2016  8/12/2016 
DOOLEYS Lidcombe Catholic Club
Hotel and Tourist Related Development - DOOLEYS Lidcombe Catholic Club
SSD  16/11/2016  15/12/2016 
Eden Breakwater Wharf
Eden Breakwater Wharf Extension
SSI  16/11/2016  16/12/2016 
Enfield Intermodal Logistics Centre
MP05_0147 MOD 12 - Modification to Project Application, Enfield Intermodal Logistics Centre
Part 3A Mod
09/11/2016 28/11/2016 
Frazer Park Quarry
Resource Recovery Facility - Construction and Demolition Waste
SSD  17/11/2016  16/12/2016 
Horsley Drive Business Park
Proposed Warehouse/Distribution & Industrial Facility - Lot 3
SSD  17/11/2016  16/12/2016 
Hunter Valley Operations Complex
HVO North - Modification 6 - Carrington In‐Pit Fine Reject Emplacement
Part 3A Mod 17/11/2016  01/12/2016 
Kurri Kurri Battery Recycling Facility
Pymore Battery Recycling Facility, Kurri Kurri
SSD  17/11/2016 
Newcastle Inner City Bypass
Newcastle Inner City Bypass Rankin Park to Jesmond SSI Application
SSI 16/11/2016  16/12/2016 
Oakdale South Industrial Estate
96 (2) Modification to Oakdale South Industrial Estate - Concept Proposal and Stage 1 (SSD 6917 MOD 1)
SSD Mod  24/11/2016  09/12/2016 
Oakdale South Industrial Estate
Oakdale South Stage 2 - Toyota Spare Parts Warehouse and Distribution Centre
SSD  17/11/2016  16/12/2016 
Oakdale South Industrial Estate
Oakdale South Stage 3 - Sigma Pharmaceutical Warehouse and Distribution Facility
SSD  17/11/2016  16/12/2016 
Sandstone Precinct
Stage 2 DA for tourist and visitor accommodation
SSD  17/11/2016  16/12/2016 

Site 9, Sydney Olympic Park

Site 9 Sydney Olympic Park - Mixed Use Residential Building

SSD 02/11/2016  01/12/2016

Switching Station and Star City Casino site

Modification to Switching Station / Star City Casino MP08_0098 (MOD 14)

Part 3A Mod
03/11/2016 02/12/2016
The Sandstone Precinct
Modification to Tourism and Visitor Accommodation
SSD Mod  17/11/2016  16/12/2016 
Walsh Bay Arts Precinct
Walsh Bay Arts Precinct Stage 2
SSD  17/11/2016  16/12/2016 
Wharf 4/5
Refurbishment of Wharf Theatre at Wharf 4/5, Walsh Bay
SSD  17/11/2016  16/12/2016 
Previous consultations on major projects


 Abbreviation Description
SSD State Significant Development
SSI  State Significant Infrastructure
VPA Voluntary Planning Agreement