South Tralee rezoning decision

In November 2012, the NSW Government announced its decision to rezone land for up to 2,000 new homes at South Tralee, in the Queanbeyan local government area. 

South Tralee is located 11km to the south of Canberra Airport, within a broader land release area known as South Jerrabomberra.

The rezoning plan for South Tralee was submitted by Queanbeyan City Council. The government modified the council’s rezoning plans to ensure housing is restricted to areas with lower noise levels, reducing the overall development footprint at South Tralee by approximately 20 per cent.

Strict noise management criteria have been imposed by the government including requirements for notifications on zoning certificates and noise insulation on houses. 

The rezoning balances the need for additional housing in Queanbeyan to address affordability issues, while allowing for a potential future expansion and curfew-free Canberra Airport.


Other supporting information:

Please note - the 2010 LES should be read in the context of the 2005 LES, which can be obtained from Queanbeyan City Council.



Last Updated 22-Nov-2012