Strategic Regional Land Use


Strategic Regional Land Use Policy

In 2012, the NSW Government introduced the Strategic Regional Land Use Policy to better manage the potential conflicts arising from the proximity of mining and coal seam gas (CSG) activity to our high quality agricultural land, in some parts of the State.

Since the introduction of the Policy the Government has introduced safeguards for some 5.3 million hectares of residential and strategic agricultural land across the State from the impacts of new coal seam gas and mining activity.

CSG exclusion zones
Safeguarding our farmland
• Maps showing strategic agricultural land.
Gateway scrutiny

• The Gateway Panel adds scrutiny to mining and CSG proposals on strategic agricultural land and in critical industry clusters.
Equine and viticulture critical industry clusters

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Media materials

28 January 2014 - Media release: CSG reform safeguards homes and agricultural lands

Frequently Asked Questions: Biophysical Strategic Regional Land Use mapping across NSW

Frequently Asked Questions - Critical Industry Clusters Upper Hunter [PDF]

Frequently Asked Questions - Coal Seam Gas exclusion zones expanded [PDF]

Regional media releases:

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