Walking Sydney Harbour

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The Sydney Harbour and Coastal Walking Network is a partnership project between The Walking Volunteers, State, local and Federal governments and other authorities. The partners share the vision to improve public access to, and enhance the recreational enjoyment of Sydney Harbour and its tributaries, as well as Sydney’s coastline, for the people of Sydney and visitors to the city:

Harbour walks

Harbour Circle Walk

The 59km Harbour Circle Walk explores west of the Harbour Bridge to Gladesville Bridge. It is truly a magnificent walk focusing on the Harbour itself - the expanse of the water, the bridges, islands, urban bushland and city skyline. The route winds along parts of the foreshore into bays and on to headlands, through bush, along historic streets and over grand bridges.

Harbour Circle walk map PDF file[934KB]
Harbour Circle walk general information PDF file [1,742MB]

Harbour Circle Leaflets

The map has been updated to include the Harbour Bridge to the Great North Walk, which takes you from Circular Quay through the North Shore before joining the Great North Walk to Newcastle. 

Harbour Bridge to Spit Bridge

The routes between these two bridges embrace inner and outer harbour views, a cross section of some of Sydney's most interesting residential streets, as well as the history from Aboriginal times through to the First Fleet, whaling, Federation and the Harbour fortifications. In addition, the routes wind over headlands and ridges, skirts many viewpoints, and pass through many parks, gardens, rainforest remnants and bushlands.

Harbour Bridge to Spit walk map PDF file [1.6MB]
Harbour Bridge to Spit walk general informationPDF file [347KB]

An expanded brochure, including the walk between the Spit and Manly Wharf is in preparation

Harbour Bridge to South Head and Clovelly

This walk follows the south-east shoreline of Sydney Harbour before turning southward along the ocean beaches and cliffs. The main 30km Harbour Bridge to South Head and Clovelly walk is mostly easy but fascinating walking. Cutting a 7km diagonal across the route between Rushcutters Bay and Clovelly, is part of the Federation Track which, in full, runs from Brisbane to Melbourne. 

Linked by these two main walks, are over 45km of optional loop walks and alternative connecting walks, through parks, waterfronts, historic sites, interesting streetscapes and ever-changing views.

Harbour Bridge to South Head and Clovelly walk map PDF file
Harbour Bridge to South Head and Clovelly general information PDF file

Harbour Bridge to South Head and Clovelly walking notes and loop walk maps

Parramatta River Walk

Gladesville Bridge to Ryde Bridge

The Walk between these two bridges on the Parramatta River traverses a number of significant bays. Parks and historic sites, and includes the magnificent Concord Foreshore Trail between Majors Bay and Brays Bay.
Gladesville Bridge to Ryde Bridge walk map  

Ryde Bridge to Parramatta

This section of the Parramatta River includes a fantastic walk through Bicentennial Park and Sydney Olympic Park. The walk continues along the riverbank throught the Parramatta CBD before entering the World Heritage listed Parramatta Park. A track opened in 2011 leads to the head of the river, with a link to Lake Parramatta Reserve. A number of significant historic sites are open to the public, including Old Government House and Elizabeth Farm.
Ryde Bridge to Parramatta walk map

Other Walks

All other maps and brochures in the Walking Sydney Harbour and Coast series, including Barenjoey to Narrabeen Lakes, Narabeen Lakes to Manly Lagoon, Manly Lagoon to North Haed and the Spit and Clovelly to Cronulla can be found at Walking Coastal Sydney.

Map - The trunk walking routes of Sydney Harbour and Coast PDF file

Further information

Brochures outlets

Printed copies of the walk map brochures are also available at no cost from the following centres. Please call to ensure the map you want is currently in stock. 

The Department of Planning & Environment Information Centre
23-33 Bridge Street, Sydney
Phone: 02 9228 6333 or email: information@planning.nsw.gov.au

Sydney Visitor Centres
Cnr Argyle and Playfair steets, The Rocks
33 Wheat Road, Darling Harbour
Phone (both): 02 9240 8788 

National Parks and Wildlife Service  
Cadmans Cottage at Circular Quay, and Middle Head and Lane Cove national parks

Sydney Harbour Federation Trust
Building 28, Best Avenue (off Suakin Drive), Mosman
Phone: 02 8969 2100 

Select brochures are also available from local council offices along the route.

Other information sources

 More information about walks, open space and activities around the harbour is available from:

Sydney Coastal Councils Group:


Local councils:

Community environment groups: Step Inc.


These brochures have been developed by The Walking Volunteers, an experienced group of walkers, in close collaboration with the department, local councils, other authorities and Sydway Street Directories mapping division. The Walking Volunteers members are Dominic Adshead, Jim and Therese Archibald, Bell Avery, Neil and Pam Hardie, Phil Jenkyn, Geoff Lambert, Caroline Minogue, Ian Napier, Bill and Nedra Orme, Charles Pitsillidi, Don and Laura Riddell, Bruce Robertson, Leigh Shearer-Heriot, Cameron Sparks, Graham Spindler and Paul Webb.

The Sydney Harbour walking brochures were jointly funded by the Sharing Sydney Harbour Access Program in partnership with the relevant local, state and federal agencies. The program funding partners are Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority, NSW Maritime and Planning & Infrastructure.


Please phone the Sharing Sydney Harbour Access Program Coordinator on (02) 9228 6256 or email harbour@planning.nsw.gov.au.

Last Updated 13-May-2014