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NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
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We’re simplifying the procurement process

The Planning and Environment Cluster is transitioning to the MyProcure System, using SAP Ariba technology, making it easier for Suppliers to do business with us. The purpose of this page is to answer some Frequently Asked Questions and we will be updating this page throughout the transition to keep you informed.


Have you received a Request for Quote or Purchase Order from us?


Have you received communications from us that you’d like verified?


What is MyProcure?

MyProcure is our new digital Procurement platform. While most of the changes we are making relate to streamlining our own Procurement system, there are opportunities for our Suppliers to choose to become involved and reap benefits for their own business. These benefits will vary depending on business needs, but include:

  • Receiving Purchase Orders in real time
  • Easily convert a Purchase Order to an Invoice for easier payment reconciliation
  • The potential to host your catalogue online
  • Track your invoice status and remittance details


What is SAP Ariba?

SAP Ariba is the digital technology that drives the MyProcure system. Therefore, you will also see the SAP Ariba logo and business name on Purchase Orders and Requests for Quotes that you receive from us in the future.


You can watch a short introductory video here, provided by our partners, SAP Ariba


What will be different?

Suppliers will start to see a difference in the look of Purchase Orders that come from us as we transition to the new system


There will also be three options for suppliers to complete orders (where previously there was only one manual system)


  1. Fully-Enabled SAP Ariba Account. This is a paid subscription for high-volume suppliers who wish to streamline their own processes, which will
    1. Vastly reduce paperwork
    2. Make supplying and invoicing faster
    3. Speed up payment processing
    4. Give suppliers the ability to host online catalogues
    5. Enables the integration of ERP systems via the SAP Ariba Network
  2. A Free Light-Enabled SAP Ariba Account. This is easy to register for and allows low-volume suppliers to:
    1. Reduce their paperwork
    2. Make invoicing faster
    3. Improve payment processing
    4. Provide visibility of up to 50 legacy transactions
  3. The third option is to continue processing orders for us in the same way you have in the past.


Do I have to register for the MyProcure System in order to supply to you?

MyProcure will offer better efficiencies and make supplying to the Planning and Environment Cluster easier, however, you are under no obligation to change your current way of doing business with us. If you decide not to register, this will have no effect on our business relationship.


What about Prequalification Schemes, Panels, eTendering and Whole of Government Schemes?

There is no change to how these are advertised, assessed and awarded. (you can find out more about NSW Government Procurement here). MyProcure is simply our new tool for streamlining the buying and payment process. If you are invited to tender for a contract, you will be sent an email with instructions on how to respond via MyProcure.


I have an existing Purchase Order from the Planning and Environment Cluster – What do I do?

There will be no change in process for existing Purchase Orders that you have received outside the MyProcure System. Please proceed as you normally would for all Purchase Orders not sent to you via MyProcure.


Do I have to pre-register?

There is no need to pre-Register for a MyProcure Light Account. You will have the opportunity to register when we send you a Purchase Order, Request for Quotation or invite you to Tender via MyProcure.


Have a procurement question? Contact us or call us on 02 9274 6232. Please note that this number is only for procurement related questions.


Thank you for working with us to prepare for this exciting change. We appreciate your partnership and look forward to strengthening our customer/supplier relationship via MyProcure.


Please be assured that we will never ask Suppliers for credit card or bank account details over the phone. However, we may contact current Suppliers shortly to confirm email address information and ask about the availability of merchant facilities.


Page last updated: 21/01/2020