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NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
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The Heritage Stoneworks team can help restore and maintain both public and private heritage buildings

Heritage Stoneworks' services include

  • stonemasonry preservation, restoration, replacement and protection,
  • intricate carving and shaping of stone,
  • heritage roofing, including slate and metal deck roofing, copper and lead work,
  • heritage refurbishment and building maintenance work,
  • providing expert advice on heritage maintenance, as well as project and/or construction management services,
  • providing expert advice on a range of stone and slate selection as well as its processing to suit heritage requirements, and
  • stone processing (cutting and shaping) at the Alexandria stoneyard.


Contact the Heritage Stoneworks team for advice on your conservation project either by using the online form below, or calling 02 9565 9025.


Contact the Heritage Stoneworks team

Page last updated: 06/05/2020