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NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
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The NSW Government owns a significant portfolio of buildings and structures, dating from the early 1800s onwards, which are wholly or partly built of sandstone.

Launched in 1991, the Minister’s Stonework Program (MSP) provides a state-wide strategic approach to the maintenance of heritage buildings through conservation planning, condition analysis, prioritisation and budget development. Managed by the Public Works Advisory Heritage Asset Advisory (HAA), the Program’s objective is to bring the structures to a condition where planned maintenance programs can take over. A key partner in this process is the Heritage Stonework team of masons and associated tradespeople in collaboration with private sector contractors.


Research has shown the conservation of heritage places makes an important contribution to the community as well as a significant cultural and tourist icon. Managing the program through a centralised HAA team has been successful in bringing an independent perspective to works across all agencies and in all areas of the State. The MSP has a responsibility to achieve the ‘best conservation outcome’ for the government’s assets from a whole-of-government expenditure viewpoint.


The MSP has received multiple heritage awards for its individual conservation projects and the delivery of the whole program. The program is also noted as an exemplary conservation initiative and for developing traditional masonry and other trade skills for the heritage industry throughout NSW and beyond.


Contact the Heritage Stoneworks team

For general enquiries, please call us on 02 9565 9025 or send an enquiry to the Heritage Stoneworks team.


For the Minister’s Stonework Program team, please contact Bruce Pettman, Director, Heritage Asset Advisory, Public Works Advisory, and Manager, Minister’s Stonework Program at 02 9372 8349 or 0407 948 514 or email or send the Heritage Stoneworks team an online enquiry.


Page last updated: 06/05/2020