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NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
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The planning system plays an important role in NSW – from keeping the economy moving and people in jobs, to paving the way for essential infrastructure like housing, roads and hospitals.


Since January 2020, the NSW planning system has helped create more than 15,628 jobs, build 2,492 new homes and brought $9 billion in economic benefit to the State.


Planning in NSW infographic 2020 04 27


Our role is to build well-connected communities, preserve the environment, support our industries and contribute to a strong economy. Successful planning requires effective collaboration between industry, all levels of government and the communities we serve.


We’ve responded quickly to the COVID-19 pandemic by adapting NSW’s planning system to ensure continued productivity, investment and community wellbeing. For example, we recently announced thousands of new homes, new industrial complexes and six schools among the first wave of projects that will have their assessments fast-tracked to boost the State’s economy and create opportunities for thousands of new jobs as part of our Planning System Acceleration Program.

Read the full list of planning approvals between 1 January 2020 and 15 May 2020, including:

  • Major projects determination approvals – State significant projects determined and approved
  • Planning Proposals - Local and Regional Planning Proposals determined and approved
  • Approved Development applications (DAs) from Planning Panels
  • LEP Notification of approved projects
  • Site Compatibility Certificate (SCC) projects approved

Read the latest planning news and announcements  to learn more about the outcomes we've achieved this year.

Page last updated: 20/05/2020